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Hugh Douglas is a professional genealogist and graduate of Strathclyde University. Services include Family history, problem-solving, and DNA research. Work can either be undertaken wholly by Hugh or in an advisory capacity.

Located close to London,  Access to records in the National Archives, British Library, and Metropolitan archives are readily available.


Founder / Genealogist at HD Genealogy
Recent Project(s): Tracing paternity of Ancestors in the time of The India office. historical India / Burma (Myanmar). Research also covers South Africa, Australia, the UK, and America. A major breakthrough was the use of DNA triangulation to locate unknown ancestors in the time of the transition from the East India Company to the Raj.

Contract Researcher at Legacy Tree Genealogists
Recent Project(s) : locating mid 17th Century wills of the PCC (Prerogative Court of Canterbury) to help solve an impasse. Required onsite work at the National Archives in Kew.

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